For Sustainable Designs…

Nothing is greener than sheet steel.

Because sheet steel is partly recycled, infinitely recyclable and even reusable, it is ultimate in sustainability.

The quest for a greener Canada continues and helping to lead the way to a greener Canada is the nation’s steel industry, which is making great strides in reducing GHG emissions, con- serving energy, and lessening impacts on our air, water, and land.

Doing our part

While all Canadian industries re-examine their impact on the environment, the Canadian steel industry is making significant progress in manufacturing greener products for its end users, as well as cleaning up its own manufacturing processes. The North American steel industry dedicates nearly 15% of its capital spending towards improving the environmental and sustainable development of its facilities.

The Canadian steel industry’s environmental commitment includes working with all levels of government to develop new processes and technologies that help reduce Canada’s GHG emissions and air pollutants, conserve fresh water, and reduce the impact on land by generating less waste. Between 1990 and 2006 the Canadian steel industry has achieved remarkable results with more than a 24% reduction in direct process-related GHG emissions per ton of steel produced, while managing to increase productivity by over 18%.