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About the CSSBI & this Website

The Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) is Canada’s foremost authority on sheet steel, its products, and its many applications. We are an industry association responsible for the development and dissemination of industry standards. A source for technical information and resources, we provide expert guidance to the general public and sheet steel manufacturers alike.

Always at the forefront of current designs and product technologies, our Institute provides the technical guidance architects, designers, engineers, and builders need to achieve structurally sound and ambitious designs with steel.

On this website you can access a multitude of technical resources as well as contact information for the many Canadian manufacturers of sheet steel building products who are members of the CSSBI.

The benefits of buying products manufactured by a CSSBI Member Company are:

  • You are purchasing a Canadian-manufactured product, and
  • The CSSBI requires all products produced by our members to meet minimum requirements for grade of steel, thickness, metallic coating and paint performance so you are guaranteed to get a quality product.

About Steel Building Systems

A steel building system features structural steel and cladding components, plus related accessories, engineered and designed to act as an integrated building system. The building system utilizes rigid frames or columns and beams as the primary structural elements; alternatively, it may be a "self-framing" type, using the cladding as the primary load bearing roof and/or wall elements in addition to functioning as a weather barrier.

These buildings are fabricated by the manufacturer at a central location and shipped to builders across Canada. The manufacturer is responsible for the structural design and fabrication of the building system, and the builder is responsible for the erection and related work (e.g. concrete foundations, interior finishing, HVAC systems, etc.).

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