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Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute

Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, a division of the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

We are Canada’s foremost authority on sheet steel, its products, and its many applications. We are an industry association responsible for the development and dissemination of industry standards. A source for technical information and resources, we provide expert guidance to the general public and sheet steel manufacturers alike. Our overall mission is to pursue the advancement of sheet steel as the most durable and reliable building material on the market today.

The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) is Canada’s voice for the steel construction industry as an advocate, teacher, and promoter. We are pleased to announce that as of January 31, 2021, the two became one. As a division of the CISC, the CSSBI integrates the Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) sector by joining forces with the Bridge, and Buildings and Structures, steels sector. The CFS sector includes commercial and residential steel roofing, structural roof & composite floor deck, steel siding & cladding, steel studs and joists, and steel building systems. This integration fully combined the CSSBI as a division within the CISC thereby expanding the voice and strength of the industry, advancing the use and benefits of steel in construction, and ultimately showcasing steel's design and environmental advantages, and advocating for steel construction's supply chain, employees, and their families.

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The acquisition of CSSBI will expand the voice and strength of Canada’s steel construction industry and advance the benefits of steel construction, showcase steel designs and educate about environmental advantages. We will continue to advocate for the Canadian steel construction supply chain, their employees, and their families.

We are committed to advance sheet steel as the most durable and reliable building material in the market, and to be the leading source for technical information and support to the general public and sheet steel manufacturers. New framing solutions will further advance opportunities for the construction industry to lower its environmental impact for generations to come.


We can help turn design visions into realities. Sheet steel products have significant advantages over other building products, such as providing more strength and immediate cost savings. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge designs and the latest product technologies, our Institute provides the technical guidance architects, designers, engineers, and builders need to achieve structurally sound and aesthetically appealing steel designs.


Engineered sheet steel products are reliable with incomparable accuracy. Depending upon application, sheet steel products may also be treated with advanced finishes to enhance aesthetics, durability, waterproofing, and more.