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Why Choose Sheet Steel?



Built to last with little maintenance, sheet steel building products are available in a variety of advanced finishes to enhance durability, protect against the elements, provide water tightness, and offer maximum fire protection.



Stay within budget. Sheet steel building products allow for unique and distinctive projects with reduced construction time and labour costs.



Sheet steel building products have an extensive range of colours, as well as a variety of profiles and textures, widths, and seam types. Ambitious, creative designs are realized faster and more efficiently creating extraordinary streetscapes in any environment.

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The CSSBI offers a wide variety of publications and resources. Explore our expansive list of design manuals, technical bulletins, fact sheets, drawings and more to learn how to seamlessly incorporate sheet steel building products into your next project.

Resources for Building with Sheet Steel

Our Carbon Neutral Steel Building Systems Research Project

Learn about our research project to design a carbon neutral steel retail building. Three phases have been completed so far on the way towards having a carbon-neutral steel building system constructed. Read about the project findings and watch the videos.

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