Article: These 165,000-Pound Columns Will Heft a 38-Story Tower 85 Feet Off the Ground

Popular Mechanics Article June2018

Article from Popular Mechanics originally posted on June 12, 2018

Near the water in downtown Seattle, there's about to be a skyscaper unlike anything the city—and, well, the world—has seen. A 38-story tower will sit a full 85 feet off the ground, creating a open plaza beneath it, all thanks to the immense strength of the 20 steel and concrete columns that will support it.

Skanska USA’s 2+U project, designed by architectural firm Pickard Chilton, will give Seattle new office space, but the open-air 24,000-square-foot retail, arts, and cultural plaza underneath the tower is the real draw. That, and the 20 enormous columns that hold the tower aloft and ensure that under-the-tower oasis has enough room for its own two- and three-story buildings. Read more...

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