May is Building Safety Month!

Icc Building Safety

May is National Building Safety Month 2018, sponsored by the International Code Council. We are looking forward to highlighting ways in which steel can help keep construction professionals, building occupants, the community and the environment safe. Each week throughout May features a different theme related to building construction and safety. You can find more information on the event and how to get involved here.

5 Ways Steel Construction Helps Keep Construction Professionals and Building Occupants Safe:

  1. There’s a reason steel buildings and construction products are the number one choice for commercial construction: they are affordable, durable and above all, safe. Steel buildings meet the highest standards when it comes to providing protection from the elements, natural disasters and pests. Steel-framed buildings are designed to meet safety and environmental needs while providing architects and engineers with design flexibility.
  2. Involving all parties early in the planning process helps ensure steel buildings are constructed and assembled with all safety requirements and standards in mind.
  3. Steel construction products are typically manufactured or fabricated to precise dimensions, minimizing jobsite waste and reducing potentially hazardous obstacles for construction workers.
  4. With the strength, ductility and durability to withstand natural and man-made disasters, steel buildings are constructed with occupant safety in mind. This resilience and quality help ensure occupants remain safe during and after any catastrophic events.
  5. Steel is a resilient material, with reserve strength and ductility that result in significant advantages in natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, and in other extreme events like fire and blast.