CSSBI Members Enact Certification Program for Lightweight Steel Framing

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Starting in June 2018 all CSSBI Lightweight Steel Framing Manufacturer Members will be certified to the new CSSBI 61-2017 Manufacturer Certification Requirements for Cold Formed Steel Framing Members.

The certification program applies to all standard products both structural and non-structural and all lightweight steel framing CSSBI Manufacturer Members will need to achieve and maintain their certification in order to remain members.

Details and Benefits of the Certification Program:

  • 3rd Party Certification.
  • Designated structural and non-structural cold formed steel (CFS) framing members will meet or exceed the ASTM International (ASTM), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standard requirements listed in the Certification Program.
  • Certification ensures quality management systems are in place and are being met in order to produce only the highest quality products for the Canadian marketplace.
  • All certified products will be labelled to clearly demonstrate they have been manufactured to the highest standard.

Please contact the CSSBI if you have any questions about this new Certification Program and we will make an announcement here on our blog as each of the existing CSSBI Members achieves certification.