Framing the Argument - Ontario Home Builder Magazine Article

Ohb Mag Framing Argument

CSSBI member Tony DiGiovanni of Bailey Metal Products has been interviewed for the Fall 2017 issue of the Ontario Home Builder Magazine article Framing the Argument.

This is a well-balanced article discussing steel, concrete and wood framing and highlights the strengths of all 3 materials. While wood has historically been a popular material in Canada, the article also talks about the excellent ways steel framing can be used in multi-residential buildings.

DiGiovanni is a huge advocate for the use of cold-form steel, especially at the mid-rise level, either commercial or residential. That includes anything from retirement homes, to student residents, to six-storey condo structures. DiGiovanni says cold-form steel is thin, strong, versatile, easy to handle and comes with a galvanized coating. Compared to wood, it doesn’t rot, shrink, attract hungry termites and is really hard to burn. It doesn’t age either, and it’s fully recyclable. Steel brings with it a permanence that is attractive to owners looking to extend a building’s lifespan.

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