Free E-book Discusses Recyclability of Steel

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In the latest edition of a series of free, downloadable e-books, an article from the pages of The Construction Specifier explains the variety of ways steel and galvanized steel can be reused and recycled without increasing construction waste or impacting future recyclability. To get your copy of “A Steely Response to Construction,” in either pdf or digital edition, visit

From commercial buildings and rehabilitation projects to bridges and highways, the recycling and reuse of construction materials is a great way to increase economic and environmental value. Although steel is considered to be a leader in sustainable building materials, its reuse is sometimes overlooked as it is known to rust. In reality, steel and galvanized steel can be reclaimed with minimal reprocessing and be reinstated to provide the same strength, durability, sustainability, and protection again and again. Integrated with both environmental and economic advantages, there are a wide variety of methods to reuse steel and galvanized steel to achieve sustainable designs that will last for years.