Steel is the Most Environmentally Sustainable & Economical Choice says this Mid-Rise Cost & LCA Case Study

Steel has long been integrated into building construction and recognized as a significant material in traditional and modern building design. Steligence® is a research initiative delivering a range of fact based sustainability and cost benefits to architects, engineers, urban planners, real estate developers and construction contractors. Each benefit is individually attractive; together, they create a compelling argument for the use of steel products in construction.

What is Steligence®?

Steligence® is a global initiative by ArcelorMittal using scientific evidence to show the benefits of steel design in building construction. Using a holistic analysis concept, competitive steel building solutions are identified.

Why Steligence®?

Steligence® allows building owners, architects, and engineers a fact based approach to view building construction, for collaboration to build sustainable, more cost-effective building

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Mid-Rise Residential Case Study

Residential mid-rise buildings are a popular choice for developers in today’s urban centres. Combining the benefits of low and high-rise structures, mid-rise provides an answer for densification while maintaining street level comfort for pedestrians. Numerous concrete, steel and timber-based solutions exist with each lending their own unique set of advantages. To assess the environmental and financial impacts, ArcelorMittal has completed the following case study using the holistic guiding principles of Steligence.

Building Overview & Functionality

The case study was designed as a 6-storey mixed-use commercial and residential building located in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area. The design uses a split ground level podium for the commercial space separated by a pedestrian walkway, and residential units occupying the upper levels.

6,916 square metres Gross Construction Area
Level 1:
Retail, building amenities
Levels 2-6:
Mix of 1-2 Bedroom Units (75)
Mechanical penthouse

Steligence mid rise 2
Steligence mid rise 3
Steligence mid rise 4


In this Steligence case study, three residential mid-rise building design scenarios employing steel, concrete, and timber elements were examined. The design containing the steel-based solutions was determined to be the most environmentally sustainable and economical overall.

While it is important to consider all building construction solutions for a project, this case study showed steel should be a forerunner considering the advantage it can provide to both the owner and the environment.