Project Profile: Fierce Climate Conditions in Alberta, Canada No Match for Metal

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Quality Metal Roofing Right at Home in the Heart of Hailstorm Alley

The Project:

They don’t call Alberta, Canada part of “Hailstorm Alley” for nothing. As recently as 2018, monster summer thunderstorms once again wrought havoc in the area, bringing high winds and large hail stones that resulted in an estimated $80 million in property damage in central Alberta. This year, another massive hailstorm caused $1 billion worth of destruction. And severe conditions aren’t only limited to the summer. Alberta homeowners battle weather extremes all year long including heavy snows, sub-zero winter temperatures, ice build-up and of course, pounding thunder and hailstorms that often produce tornado-force winds. These kinds of conditions are a real test for any roof, but especially for asphalt, which often fails after just 10 to 15 years under the stress of the region’s brutal storms and temperature fluctuations.

The Challenge:

In such a rugged climate, Alberta homeowners need roofs that offer better protection and are as tough and resilient as they are. That’s why the owners of a beautiful 6,400 square foot home located in the heart of Alberta recently decided to replace their old asphalt roof with heavy duty steel shingles. Sick of having to replace blown off asphalt shingles, deal with insurance claims and worry about whether or not their old roof would hold up when the next storm hit, the owners wisely chose a steel roof designed to last for many decades to come. The fact that quality steel roofs are stronger, more impervious and often earn a Class 4 impact-resistance rating-the highest level of protection against hail damage available-while helping reduce damage and prevent costly repairs made their decision an easy one.

Spotlight on MRA members Ideal Roofing and GBH Enterprise

For their new roof, the owners selected Volcanic Stone Wakefield bridge steel shingles manufactured by Ideal Roofing based in Ottawa. The new roof’s rich colour not only adds beautiful curb appeal and matches perfectly with the home’s architecture, it also comes with great peace of mind, thanks to an outstanding 50-year transferable warranty. Given the complexity and steepness of the roof, a quality installation job also was essential to help ensure maximum performance. Installers from GBH Enterprise in Alberta made sure no detail was overlooked, including installing a heavy duty membrane underlayment to the plywood prior to applying the steel roofing which adds an extra layer of protection.

Thoughts from the Experts: “Doing your research and choosing a roof that is designed for the specific climate conditions in your region is an investment that will definitely pay off in the long run,” said Phillipe Laplante, sales manager at Ideal Roofing. “Not only is a quality metal roof stronger, longer lasting and able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it, it’s also low maintenance and easy to care for, helping the homeowners save time and money year in and year out.”

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