Thinking about a Steel Roof for your Home? We've got a website that can help!

Steel Roofing Canada has all the information you need to know about steel roofing for your home.

Are you thinking a steel roof could be a good choice for your next roof? We've got a website that can help! The CSSBI has just launched a new site, Steel Roofing Canada dedicated to informing homeowners of the benefits of steel roofing.

On the site you'll find:

  • Our Rebate Form - Buy a roof from a CSSBI member and you could get up to $500 back*.
  • Contact information for Canadian Manufacturers of steel roofing.
  • Steel Roofing 101 - Learn everything you need to know to choose steel roofing for your home.
  • Our Visualizer Tool - See what different styles and colours look like on different styles of homes.
  • Photo Gallery - Steel roofing works for almost any style of home.
  • And more!

*conditions apply.