Design Flexibility with Steel

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Steel gives architects and engineers the freedom to achieve their most ambitious visions and provides contractors with a highly engineered, high-quality building material. Steel is used in everything from industrial to iconic structures, and is particularly suited to mid-rise construction, where turnkey framing solutions for virtually any type of residential or commercial building projects are available.

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Steel construction products give designers a tremendous degree of flexibility to meet customers’ needs and adapt to specific applications and environments. Unlike other building materials, the components used in steel buildings can be custom-made to precise requirements. Not only does this result in building products suited to specific applications, but also can lead to much faster construction processes.

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Steel gives designers the ability to include longer spans, larger bays and wider frame spacing than wood or concrete construction. This allows for maximized usable floor space and larger interior spaces that can be constantly adapted to cope with the changing requirements of occupants.

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The adaptability of steel is unrivalled. From the ability of steel to be molded into virtually any shape to its attractive and colourful roofing patterns, steel’s versatility is part of what makes it the material of choice for building construction.

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With steel roofing, designers have the option to choose from a wide variety of styles, types and colors to make a bold architectural statement or effortlessly complement any building. These varying styles and options provide a sustainable, durable solution across a wide range of climates.