Project Profile: Our Backyard Underwent an Extreme Transformation!

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Five years ago, Azélie, her partner and son moved to their triplex in Limoilou. At that time, they would never have imagined that they would still be renovating it five years later!

During the lockdown last spring, Azélie's partner, who is a general contractor, had to stop working for a month. After getting tired of baking homemade muffins and bread, he figured he should use the time to complete their latest home improvement projects. That's when they decided to complete the landscaping of the backyard, a project that also included revamping the exterior of the garage, triplex and annex.

From the beginning, they wanted to select materials that are trendy, but above all sustainable. They wanted to go for a traditional farmhouse style for the garage and annex siding, without having to deal with the long-term disadvantages of wood. They opted for sheet metal laid vertically and chose the SuperVic Panel in Cambridge White from Vicwest. The look is similar to the one they had in mind, but at a fraction of the cost and of incomparable durability.

See below for some before and after pictures and see just how beautifully this project turned out.

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Vicwest before
Vicwest after