Resources for Roof Deck & Composite Floor Deck


Design Manuals and Guides

CSSBI B13-19:Design of Steel Deck Diaphragms - 4th Edition

Special:Design in Cold Formed Steel Seminar Handout

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Standards & Specifications

CSSBI 10M-18:Standard for Steel Roof Deck

CSSBI 12M-18:Standard for Composite Steel Deck

CSSBI S2-17:Criteria for the Testing of Composite Slabs

CSSBI S20-18:Short Form Specification for Steel Roof Deck

CSSBI S3-19:Criteria for the Design of Composite Slabs

CSSBI S3-19R:Criteria for the Design of Composite Slabs (Redline)

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Environmental Product Declarations

CSSBI EPD-1-16:Environmental Product Declaration Roll Formed Steel Panels (Industry-wide)

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How To Series

CSSBI S15-12: How To Series - Steel Roof Deck and Composite Floor Deck

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Fact Sheets

CSSBI SSF 06-12: Metallic Coated Sheet Steel for Structural Building Products

CSSBI SSF 08-13: Glossary of Commonly Used Terms for Structural Building Products

CSSBI SSF 10-12: Sheet Steel Gauges - What They Mean

CSSBI SSF 11-99: Estimators Checklist

CSSBI SSF 16-18:Acoustic Properties of Perforated Steel Deck

CSSBI SSF 17-05: CSSBI Position Paper on using Welded Washers with Steel Deck

CSSBI SSF 20-14: Recycled Content of Steel Building Products

CSSBI SSF 23-08: CSSBI Position Paper on Attachment of Roofing Membranes to Steel Deck

CSSBI SSF 27-10: Effects of Acoustic Perforations on the Bending Strength and Stiffness of Steel Roof Deck

CSSBI SSF 28-10: Position Paper on the Design Responsibility for Steel Deck Diaphragms

CSSBI SSF 29-10: Installation Guidelines for Steel Deck Shear Diaphragms

CSSBI SSF 30-10: Effects of Acoustic Perforations on the Web Crippling Strength of Steel Roof Deck

CSSBI SSF 33-11: Wet Storage Staining of Galvanized and Galvannealed Steel Sheet

CSSBI SSF 9-19:Design Method for Steel Deck Diaphragms

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Environmental Fact Sheets

AISI EFS-1Which is the more sustainable building material - wood or steel?

AISI EFS-2The benefits of steel vs. wood for mid-rise building construction

AISI EFS-4Life cycle assessment of wood and steel utility distribution poles

CSSBI EFS-1: Steel and the green movement

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SpecialStrong, Safe, Affordable and Sustainable Steel - The Obvious Choice for Mid-Rise Construction

Special: LEEDing with Steel 2009

Special:LEEDv4 and Steel

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Case Studies

CS 10-05: Art Gallery of Hamilton - Hamilton, ON

CS 102-17:Steel: unparalleled fire safety

CS 105-17:Edmonton Waste Management Integrated Process and Transfer Facility - Edmonton, Alberta

CS 106-17:LustreLokTM – New Acrylic Coating for Galvanized Steel

CS 111-18:Cost Savings in Steel

CS 112-18:Axcès Saint-Charles - Longueuil, Québec

CS 117-18:LustreLok Acrylic Coating - ArcelorMittal

CS 118-18:Red Deer College, Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre - Red Deer, Alberta

CS 16-05: Park Royal Shopping Centre - The Village West Vancouver, BC

CS 20-06: Park One East and Park One West - Edmonton, AB

CS 37-09: Moose Cree First Nation Emergency Preparedness and Response Centre - James Bay, ON

CS 43-09: Calgary Water Centre - Calgary, AB

CS 50-10: Chemawawin Cree Nation K-12 School - Easterville, MB

CS 56-11: University of Waterloo Health Sciences Campus - Kitchener, ON

CS 67-11: Granite Ridge Retirement Residence - Gravenhurst, ON

CS 69-12: Steel for green building solutions

CS 71-12: King Fahad Medical City - Saudi Arabia

CS 73-12: Nunavut Trade Training Centre - Rankin Inlet, NU

CS 76-13: Eastern Ontario Christian Senior Housing Co-op - Ottawa, ON

CS 84-14: Pomeroy Place - London, ON

CS 90-15George Brown College - Toronto, ON

CS 97-16:401 Yonge Street - Toronto, ON

CS 98-16:Hyatt Place Edmonton West - Edmonton, AB

CS 99-16:ArcelorMittal participating in the green revolution

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Module 1Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 2Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 3Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 4Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 5Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

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