Resources for Steel Studs & Joists


Design Manuals and Guides

CSSBI 51-06:Lightweight Steel Framing Design Manual - 2nd Edition

CSSBI 51-06E: Lightweight Steel Framing Design Manual - 2nd Edition ERRATA

CSSBI 56-00: Residential Steel Framing - Training Curriculum

CSSBI 57-02: Lightweight Steel Framing Architectural Design Guide

CSSBI 58-18-I:Lightweight Steel Framing Member Selection Tables (Imperial)

CSSBI 58-18-M-r1:Lightweight Steel Framing Member Selection Tables (Metric)

CSSBI 59-05: Lightweight Steel Framing House Construction Handbook

CSSBI S19-08: Steel Stud Brick Veneer Design Guide

Special:Design in Cold Formed Steel Seminar Handout

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Standards & Specifications

CSSBI 61:21Cold Formed Steel Framing Members

CSSBI S18-19:Guide Specification for Non-Loadbearing Steel Framing

CSSBI S5-19:Guide Specification for Wind Bearing Steel Studs

CSSBI S6-19:Guide Specification for Lightweight Steel Framing

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Environmental Product Declarations

CSSBI EPD-2:Cold-Formed Steel Studs and Track manufactured in U.S. and Canada (Industry-wide)

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Technical Bulletins

CSSBI Vol. 1, No. 1: Report on Fire Performance

CSSBI Vol. 1, No. 2: Fire Endurance of Floor Assemblies

CSSBI Vol. 1, No. 3: Application of UL Fire Resistance Ratings in Canada

CSSBI Vol. 2, No. 1: Durability of Galvanized & Galvalume Steel Framing

CSSBI Vol. 2, No. 2: Galvanic Compatibility of Galvanized Steel and Aluminum

CSSBI Vol. 2, No. 4: North American Standards for Minimum Metallic Coatings on Lightweight Steel Framing Members

CSSBI Vol. 3, No. 1: Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Framed Homes

CSSBI Vol. 3, No. 2: Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Framed Homes: Steel and Wood Framing - The Real Facts

CSSBI Vol. 4, No. 1: CSSBI Publications for Loadbearing Cold Formed Steel Construction

CSSBI Vol. 4, No. 2: North American Standards for Cold-Formed Steel Framing Referenced in CAN/CSA-S136-07/S1-10

CSSBI Vol. 5, No. 1: Thermal Performance of Lightweight Steel Framed Homes

CSSBI Vol. 6, No. 1: Working with Residential Steel Framing - Guidelines for the Framer and Service Trades

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 1Maximum Height Tables for Interior Non-Loadbearing Partitions

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 10:Limiting Height Tables for Composite Non-Structural Walls (Metric)

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 2: Standard Thicknesses for Canadian Lightweight Steel Framing Applications

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 3: Specification of Non-Load Bearing Steel Studs

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 4: Applications of Non-Load Bearing Steel Studs

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 5-17:Design Capacities for Sheet Metal Screws in Lightweight Steel Framing Applications

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 6: Steel Studs as Back-up for Brick Veneer Changes in NBC 2005

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 7: Lightweight Steel Framing Shear Walls

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 8: Non-Loadbearing Steel Stud Composite Limiting Height Calculation for Canadian Applications

CSSBI Vol. 7, No. 9Metallic Coating Specifications for Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Canada

CSSBI Vol. 8, No. 1: Lateral Load Resistance of Lightweight Steel Framed Walls for Residential Construction - A Laboratory Study

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Fact Sheets

CSSBI SSF 08-13: Glossary of Commonly Used Terms for Structural Building Products

CSSBI SSF 10-12: Sheet Steel Gauges - What They Mean

CSSBI SSF 18-10: Sheet Steel Products and Pressure Treated Wood

CSSBI SSF 20-14: Recycled Content of Steel Building Products

CSSBI SSF 33-11: Wet Storage Staining of Galvanized and Galvannealed Steel Sheet

CSSBI SSF 34-12: Distortional Buckling Strength Check for Cold Formed Steel Flexural Members

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Environmental Fact Sheets

AISI EFS-1Which is the more sustainable building material - wood or steel?

AISI EFS-2The benefits of steel vs. wood for mid-rise building construction

AISI EFS-4Life cycle assessment of wood and steel utility distribution poles

CSSBI EFS-1: Steel and the green movement

CSSBI EFS-3: Lightweight Steel Framing - Looking forward to the benefits

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CSSBI 54-94: An Introduction to Residential Steel Framing

SpecialStrong, Safe, Affordable and Sustainable Steel - The Obvious Choice for Mid-Rise Construction

Special: LEEDing with Steel 2009

Special: Steel Framed Housing: Across the Country & Around the World

Special: Handyman's Guide - How to Install Light Gauge Steel Stud Wall Framing

Special:LEEDv4 and Steel

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Fire Protection Bulletins

CSSBI FPB-23: Fire Protection Bulletin #23: Practical Fire Protection in Cold Formed Steel Buildings

CSSBI FPB-24: Fire Protection Bulletin #24: New (and Better) Limiting Distance Requirements in 1995 NBCC

CSSBI FPB-27: Fire Protection Bulletin #27: Fire Resistance and Acoustic Ratings for Cold-Formed Steel Framed Floor Assemblies

CSSBI FPB-28: Fire Protection Bulletin #28: Floor Assembly No. NRC764-F22

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DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Floor Joists

DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Floors

DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Non-loadbearing

DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Shear Walls

DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Trusses

DrawingsLightweight Steel Framing Generic Details - Walls

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Case Studies

CS 01-99: Hearthstone by the Lake - Burlington, ON

CS 02-00: Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Bronte, ON

CS 03-01: Sunny Brook Women's College Health Science Centre Expansion - Toronto, ON

CS 04-02: KML light steel framing - It's all about value

CS 05-02: Sifton Properties - Richmond Hill project - London, ON

CS 06-02: Beacon Bay Homes - River Oaks subdivision - Oakville, ON

CS 07-03: Self storage: A growing and important part of communities

CS 08-03: Terraces of Sterling Pointe - Mississauga, ON

CS 09-04: Reflections on Bogart Pond - Newmarket, ON

CS 10-05: Art Gallery of Hamilton - Hamilton, ON

CS 102-17:Steel: unparalleled fire safety

CS 106-17:LustreLokTM – New Acrylic Coating for Galvanized Steel

CS 111-18:Cost Savings in Steel

CS 112-18:Axcès Saint-Charles - Longueuil, Québec

CS 115-18:Habitat for Humanity - Hamilton, Ontario

CS 117-18:LustreLok Acrylic Coating - ArcelorMittal

CS 118-18:Red Deer College, Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre - Red Deer, Alberta

CS 13-03: Eagle's Nest Golf Club - Vaughan, ON

CS 14-04:Environmental Technology Centre - Ottawa, ON

CS 15-04: Kingsway Arms Retirement Home - Scarborough, ON

CS 16-05: Park Royal Shopping Centre - The Village West Vancouver, BC

CS 17-05:Jonah Amitnaag School and Community Centre - Baker Lake, NU

CS 20-06: Park One East and Park One West - Edmonton, AB

CS 23-08: Moncton Hospital Atrium - Moncton, NB

CS 24-08: Sagkeeng First Nation Community School - Fort Alexander, MB

CS 25-08: Remington Homes - Vaughan, ON

CS 27-08: Port of Entry - Coutts, AB

CS 28-08: Eastbourne Estates - Georgina, ON

CS 30-08: Qikiqtani General Hospital - Iqaluit, NU

CS 35-09: Park One East and Park One West - Edmonton, AB

CS 36-09: University of Lethbridge- Edmonton, AB

CS 37-09: Moose Cree First Nation Emergency Preparedness and Response Centre - James Bay, ON

CS 46-09: Edmonton Humane Society - Edmonton, AB

CS 47-10: Forest Manor Public School - Toronto, ON

CS 49-10: Raiffeisen Co-op Housing - Sudbury, ON

CS 51-10: Canadian Forces Flying Training School - Southport, MB

CS 54-11: Bloor Street Neighbourhood - Toronto, ON

CS 65-11: Tollendale Village Nursing Home - Barrie, ON

CS 67-11: Granite Ridge Retirement Residence - Gravenhurst, ON

CS 68-11: Balsillie YMCA - Peterborough, ON

CS 69-12: Steel for green building solutions

CS 72-12: EV3 building, University of Waterloo - Waterloo, ON

CS 75-12: 101b 3rd Avenue Earthquake House - Ottawa, ON

CS 76-13: Eastern Ontario Christian Senior Housing Co-op - Ottawa, ON

CS 79-13: EcoTerra(TM) House - Eastman, QC

CS 84-14: Pomeroy Place - London, ON

CS 90-15George Brown College - Toronto, ON

CS 91-15Churchill Northern Studies Centre - Churchill, MB

CS 99-16:ArcelorMittal participating in the green revolution

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Research Notes

CSSBI RN-1-02: Strength of Floor Joists with Offset Loading on Bearing Stiffeners

CSSBI RN-1-03: The Strength of Stiffened CFS Floor Joist Assemblies with Offset Loading

CSSBI RN-2-03: Wall Deflection Limit For Steel Stud and Gypsum Board Walls

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Module 1Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 2Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 3Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 4Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

Module 5Sustainable Design Using Cold Formed Steel

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